Cone Beam Scanner or Patient

Step-by-Step Explanation of the Application Process

This outlines the traditional method of our application process. This is true for 80% of the families that SCL helps each year.

[There may be some families that come through your office that you want to treat but that cannot afford the full cost of braces. For these families,  you can utilize our “Fast Track”process to move preferred candidates to the “front of the line” for your office.

  • Applicant submits completed application to SCL.
  • Qualified applicants are placed on waiting list to be sent to a provider.
  • Qualified applicant is sent to a provider for screening and decision on treatment.
  • Screening form is completed with a decision to treat and then returned to SCL.
  • SCL approves child for treatment and asks family to pay required financial investment within 30 days.
  • SCL informs Provider that child is officially assigned to start treatment.

Additional information may also be found in our Provider FAQ section.